Dimensional Barrier [Duel Devastator] [DUDE-EN048]


Transcend your Limits

Choose your commander and overcome both friend and foe in this definitive multiplayer Magic format. Call upon the heroic Jared Carthalion and lock down the board using the full spectrum of mana. Once your opponents are under your control, crush them with devastating five-color spells and seize the day!

Jared Carthalion

A centuries-old Planeswalker, Jared Carthalion has fought many battles and lost many loved ones. Not content watching the Phyrexians threaten Dominaria once again, Jared has become a key Coalition agent. His Physical prowess and mastery of magic enables him to infiltrate enemy fortresses and, when necessary, fight his way out.


100-card deck with 10 new cards
10 double-sided token cards
Foil-etched display commander
Life Wheel
Strategy Insert
Reference card



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