The Avengers (Marvel Movies) Relationships: Michelle Jones & Ned Leeds & Peter Parker Peter Parker & Tony Stark Peter Parker & Avengers Team Characters: Peter Parker Ned Leeds Michelle Jones Tony Stark Steve Rogers Natasha Romanov (Marvel) Flash Thompson Abe Brown Additional Tags: BAMF Peter Parker Flash Thompson Being A Jerk And we weren't there. Im not going to let this little shit get away with bullying Peter, and I feel like having an ex-Soviet assassin on my side might help the case, Tony had a smirk playing on his lips, so did Bucky. Dont worry, its just a simple information op, but he didnt get the chance to tell you before Fury took him.. But you aren't going to come like that in the pool?" Peter is acquainted with some of NYPD's detectives and the captain. They stopped short, however, when they were greeted with the sight of Peter having pretty much scaled the blond super soldier, crouching on the tall man's shoulders and holding his phone aloft, while Tony was all but grappling with Steve to get at the teenager, as Steve tried to keep the genius at bay and talk him out of deleting The Punisher from the kids contact list. Please! In English he has to right a debate paper about weather the avengers are good or bad for society (obviously they are good). )," The coach says in a monotone breath. It is going to be a competition. But nothing in the world could have prepared him for gym. What do you think? Tony asked, eyeing Steve. Peter made a quick barrier of webs around him to shield himself from the outside world. Steve just sighed, grabbing Buckys hand, Im not sure, but theyre gonna have hell to pay when we meet them, Bucky smiled a little, kissing Steve softly. Within two seconds, Peter was up the rope. But you are the only one of us who has actually fought with him. for that. Tony said with a smirk. left kudos on this work! But I want in on the assessment training Cap!. He had learned long ago that sometimes, arguing with Tony was like walking backwards in a circle, that would at random intervals turn into a triangle, while blindfolded. Peter took the two steps separating him from his father (figure) and hugged him. As Peter dryed his hair, a wave of thoughts hit him. Look at that, there I go bitching about popular tropes again. As they got ready to race, Peter turned to him and smiled, a wide smile that showed all his teeth, bordering on threatening. Surprised, Steve looked at the grumbling billionaire questioningly. Yes, please.. The teen immediately shoots out of bed and rushes to his closet throwing on one of his science joke t-shirts a pair of jeans and a baggy sweatshirt. First to finish benching ten reps of the 150 pound barbells wins, he called from outside the gathering crowd. Truthfully, Bucjy thought of himself as a monster in a lot of ways, his body not even his own, with the big metal lump that was meant to be an arm. (Well, no, actually I get it a little bit. He tugged. Cap wants to ascertain that Spidey is ready to join us for our next mission., He got two very different reactions to that. Thats not selfish, Peter. Not cool, Tony. He sighed again. So he choose sitting next to the AC, not too close but enough. His thoughts were elsewhere. Really, Steve thought, parenthood becomes you, Tony. Bucky managed to get through his words, pausing slightly when Steve sat up to work on his back. He was getting nervous and it was showing. He knew that whatever his answer was, something bad would happen after it. Peter Parker OneShots! Peter called upon every ounce of self-control he had to keep himself from reacting. I dont need you to be there to hold my hand. This is simply my undying love of Spiderman speaking, that was born too many moons ago to ever kill it. He crawled out of sight, letting the shadows wash over him as he tucked himself into the corner of the roof. You do the heavy lifting on the farm so that I dont have to and you make sure to always protect me. Peter rips off his mask and starts rolling on the floor laughing like a maniac. Steve smiled, kissing Bucky again, slow, but not without passion. Thats the only reason I know about it, he told me when it got too bad. I used to wish the same thing with my father, and I know how bad it felt when he wasnt there for me. In many ways, Steve was his superhero, and he didnt need any of the others. So are you gonna do something about it or-. as well as I can't.. It was a nice pool, it was big and partially inside, that making it one of the best things. Later, with the sound of Iron Mans thrusters in the background, Peter opens his web. He found himself captured by the beauty of the sleeping angel of a man next to him more often than he realized, most of the time being pulled out of his daydreaming when Steve laughed at him and called him a sap. When Peter's eyes made contact with Natasha's, she quirked an eyebrow at him. Cassieopia249, Ariasma, Nicole1397256, I_cause_problems_on_purpose, KakesuWolf, fallenstormangel, ThisIsntRae, RavenAssassin, burning_roses_666, RedGhost1010, SeriouslyCitrus, Sophia_The_Fanfic_Reader, Allsparkchild, Midnight_Wolfz, Shadowhawk, Fandomlover52, MinsAria, Royale_Bastard, MerlinEmrysPendragonJr, Just_Kath, blackberrybats, 0vomaltine, LoLoC, ObuxoBa, 30Love, Sh1nuki, Jael_vargaz_09, Morrolan, kyomon_o, Komiho, Mimi20, PinkaminaPi3, coco30600, Vomindok54, Sad_spidey_boy, Lala47, Ionlydrinkgayvodka, BananaBumbleBee, deviant_bunnie, AquaStarkWolf, Ijustlovefoodyk, M_102, Dragonfly203, Viva_La_Vivi, tiredwatermelon, NigouTets, Lazorux, xnctaex, kataraSpring024, unifire, and 1633 more users Fine. Peter's muscles tensed up. I can feel you staring at me, Buck, Steve mumbled, refusing to open his eyes. So, with having explained my stand on this matter, please see this as blanket permission from me, to make use of anything written in my works of fanfiction you want. Bucky and I cooked.. "Guys stop. Sure as hell sounds like it to me. Instead his head stood low, looking at the water beneath him. Steve was sleeping peacefully, his eyelashes so blonde that they looked invisible until to got up close, and Bucky got close a lot. Peter couldnt wait to prove him wrong. ", or: "There was this one thing in this story that I would like to put into a different context. Friday night passed too slowly for Peters taste. And while that is fine for regular training, if you really insist on taking Spiderman on our next mission with us, I'm gonna have to be sure that he can hold his own in a real fight., There are so many things wrong with what you just said, it's not even funny. Peter has a male Pitbull named Hope, a shelter rescue dog who was about to be euthanized. Did something hit me?. Not his best friend Ned or MJ. Maybe he shouldnt have pushed himself so hard the night before. He is a few thousand years old and has more than enough experience when it comes to fighting. And while I'm in favor of this, I would like for you to do some training exercises with me before hand, for me to properly assess your ability. He nearly bled out in med bay. Shit. I mean it." Startling Peter a VERY loud whistle comes from the AI system. They make for good sparring partners, okay? Dont worry. He doesnt want to give away his suit for something as stupid as missing curfew. This morning Clint woke me up at four in the morning and told me it was nine. Steve looked around and noticed how plain it was, almost like a hotel room. I think it depends on whether or not theres a threat,. Home is the farm, and I feel like that has enough decoration as it is-, Will you stop passive-aggressively telling me you hate the quilt?. Tags may get updated with the posting of the second chapter, depending on if I will add any more characters. He certainly doesn't have enough experience in strategic planning to safely take down a bunch of very organized bank robbers, without getting the hostages hurt in the process. But infiltrating and clearing out a Hydra base is a little more high profile than Spiderman's regular petty thiefs and kittens stuck in a tree.. Although he does have to admit, she's strangely perceptive on things that no one else picks up on. Any prompt, plot bunny, vague idea, characteristics explored, circumstances written, or full on story of mine that has been published here; - if you want to write something with the same premise, but different development, - if you want to write something completely different, but want to use one aspect or characteristic featured in the stories, - if you can find any inspiration from any of my works at all. aroacenerd, Lucifer_03, ActuallyRandomPerson, hw_skz_mdzs, Mangle_Girl, Beastly_Pancake, lady_Slytherin, RaveDistress0, Lord_Obvious_Of_Duh, Possum33, Higgsy2002, Nlue, auntienessi, Hyperfixation_Central, Lenna_cylin, bookwormswillruletheworld, marze04, LarryWinchesterPotter, Orion_Lune_X, Hesitant_Sorrows, LIFE_IS_A_MESS, Aurelia363, Enigmaistaken, 00Choco_Charley00, MoonBlue, charlies_girlfriend, Stressin_depression, Cannotthinkofaname, Everythingisbookmarked86, Blushduh, BlueFoodMakesMeHappy, Anatalia3129, MyEmoPhase, riethu123, Coralsswayinginthesea, kyioko00, sweetlikehunny, Madam_Jayne24, HufflePuff1990, Uzumakiichigo, Niamh_9804, gdsmistake, bubblebearselena, MysteriousKnowledge13, sunscares, Ji_Ji, LittleFatCat, HOrnero_de_SUnandi_Argentino, anonymusbee, Fi_C, and 862 more users As he got ready for school, he said goodbye to the Tower and its occupants, for he wouldnt see them until Wednesday. ", or: "This was a nice conclusion, but this story could have played out very differently. It was a damn hot day and everybody tried to get themselves cooler in a way. He step back into the elevator and yells at FRIDAY to take him to Clint's floor. He said a bad language word! While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Hello to you too, Tony muttered, pushing the knife down and raising an eyebrow. ", Because all of this, would afford me with a wide variety of stories to read that I would likely enjoy. Comment if you have any ideas for this story. I got overwhelmed with work and prior commitments, but thats no excuse. Im So he kept his mouth shut. He made sure to hide them well. It took another thirty seconds for the father/son duo to untangle themselves from their hug, and Peter covertly wiped a small tear from his eyes. He kept his lips sealed. Bucky was broken out of his thoughts by Steve stirring slightly, snuggling closer to Buckys side and muttering something unintelligible in his sleep. Im not beautiful and we both know it, Buck. Peter's hideous and ugly," from their his day just keeps spiraling down. But Jess got the tip that the two groups were going to throw down that night just before it happened, and we were the only ones close enough at the time. Perfect black mail, he thought. "Well shit" Peter says, hopefully Clint will forget Who am I kidding he's not going to forget. Mr.Stark held a painful expression, but did as told. This is a series of one-shots of Peter whump or him just being stupid and Tony always being there for him. "FRIDAY don't announce my entrance. He hefted his backpack over his shoulder and grinned. That he should never show his scars to anybody. Fanfiction A mess of Peter Parker OneShots (As the title says). Together.. I will Turns out he got hit by a few. Though right now this arrangement is temporary and the two might move back into their house in Queens eventually. Steve smelled like the farm, with a hint of summer rain. Both of them had sly smiles on their faces, waiting for the kid to panic. Shit = Skittles, Damn = Donuts, Hell = Hot Dogs, Fuck = French Fries or Fruit Loops, any kind of name calling, i.e. Helen wasn't there and aunt May assisted the on-call staff. The boy quickly shook his head, having made his way to the two adults. Friday said to meet you here?. Actually, it's the complete opposite, because if anything, Peter is the kindest kid he's ever seen. On the other, he just revealed his identity to the world without a second thought. You make dinner most nights because you can reach directly into pans and grab the hot food without fear of burning yourself. Damn right, he mumbled against Steves lips, both of them lost in each others eyes. It's just like any other night, right? "Just a seccond" Peter jumps on the ceiling and unsticks his phone from the web. Knowing Mr.Stark, he won't give up on this idea and would only ask more questions as to why he declined, if he refused, which would only put him in a more difficult situation. He found himself smiling as Steve pressed his body against Buckys, both of them naked from the previous nights activities. At once. Pete didnt even got a chance to complaining something. And of course somebody picked all of this up. Hey, that reminds me, how come May hadn't joined my future wife in being hysterical? It was, perhaps worryingly, not the most bizarre thing they had ever seen. Deadpool loves chimichangas and Spiderman. Abe was grinning, his appreciation for Peter growing. Identity reveals-trips-pranks-fights- Irondad - nightmares (f*cking pain) everything you want! You dont have to hurt them to make them afraid of you, she muttered under her breath. Physical Education. "I can't be the only one to see," he runs out of the room and asks FRIDAY to take him down to his floor. Tony waved a distracting hand in the air, as the two continued on their way. "What happened." Multiple people had been beside it when it started to collapse. Not even then. If Peter maxes out in all the stats against other members of the Avengers except experience, his card would still win most of the time. When the elevator hits the bottom floor Peter is shocked to see that the sky is dark and the sun is barely peaking out from behind a cloud. Barnes, I wouldnt be here if this wasnt important, Tony eyed Steve who had yet to move from his spot, still resting his hand on Anatoly who kept his gaze on Stark. See ya, Peter called behind him as they went their own ways. He chuckled remembering May's reaction to him being a hero. I can take care of myself, you know? You do not need the number of a homicidal maniac, we have Barnes for that! "Ummmclothes?" Peter tries hard to focus his attention on his art and NOT get a panic attack from the memories and even worse his nightmares that unwelcomingly flood his dreams at night. Im okay. You bet your fucking ass this is about last month, punk.. He pressed the trigger. Peter eyed the baseball slowly rolling away from them. Maybe thats why Mr. Stark had seemingly forgotten his existence. Please consider turning it on! If he were dealing with a criminal, hed threaten them with his webs and strength, but these were just high school bullies. Peter closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the curb, the rest of his body on the narrow strip of grass between the road and the ditch. Flash only had a racket. Abe gave him a raised eyebrow but otherwise didnt question him. It was gonna happen sooner or later. "Ok, now that everybody is here I will explain. "T-That wouldn't work--uh--you know--uh im part spider. " Everybody slowly left, leaving Peter alone, in the cold water. as well as with that baseball. They grabbed him by the shoulders. They all sat on the couch in the living room, since it had the most air conditioners. He dodged, letting Flash brush past him and stumble. I guarantee that it will be all over social media within the hour. I know. Maybe then you would be the one at the nurse instead of Ned.. Peter jumped excitedly up and down, waving to the two. Peter pulled the edge of the mask up - and ow, he forgot about his shoulder again- so that there was room to shove his middle finger into view of the camera. tip: lex m/m (mature OR explicit). Tony has suggested to take you with us on our next mission. ), I center my stories around the characters I like the most and create situations that I find exciting or appealing or enjoyable. It wasnt just today, but the whole weekend that had drained him. By: BlueWolf0248 Peter isn't having a great day. Are you on steroids or some shit?, Mr. Tony sighed and took off his sunglasses, fixing Bucky with a look. Tony clapped him on the shoulder encouragingly. 1953 guests with 7,462 reads. The two long time friends and partners stared at each other for a long moment, until Clint gave in. Everything I just said was true, I probably forgot some things, but your arm is a part of you, and I love it just as much as any other part, Steve leaned down and kissed Bucky slowly, pulling away and kissing down his neck and towards his arm, then peppering the whole area with kisses, smiling as tears welled in Buckys eyes. "Sorry Arachnid Kid I can't follow your orders." And then other times, when one writer takes inspiration from another writer's story, and puts their own ideas and twists into it, they get attacked for stealing the idea. Tony and Pepper still own and live in the Tower, and the Avengers all have rooms (floors) there as well. Peter, Neds voice strained, no. When he finally got the courage to go talk with Mr.Stark, he made sure to cover each and every one of them. He gave you his number?! Tony has spilled the beans on live tv about Peter being heir to Stark Industries. Peter (Parker) POV. Stepping out of his room, a hall was inbetween him and Mr.Stark. They hit you with a baseball. Keep that in mind, and you are good.. How is that even possible?In fact, every time in the comics that Peter ignored his spidey-sense, was when he got (sometimes badly) hurt. He swung through the streets of Queens until he couldnt anymore, until his suit was soaked with sweat and he was breathing hard. Due to the events of the second story in the series (the wounds we see and the scars we don't) May and Peter have also taken up residence in the tower (more specifically on Tony and Peppers floor, where they have their own living spaces). "Hey what's taking so long? I know, kid. Playing all the scenarios coming out of this, the bad outcomes overthrowing the positive ones. When did you meet that maniac? ! Peter visibly preened under the praise. Fury told me I had time off, but Im not sure how long that will last. I have stolen the concept of the X-Men's Danger Room. You know I didn't do this to worry you. I think you can do better than that, Eugene.. But I'm sure that guy was no more dangerous than your average Joe, stealing grandma's freshly baked cookies. (Or sometimes even sad or scary when I'm in a particular mood.). Peter went to help him up and out of the gym when MJ, previously reading near the door, stepped in. I promise.. So I brought Matt to the tower. Peter Parker is trending on Twitter. Tony laughed at Peters wide eyes. Now Tony almost felt insulted on the kids behalf. When I get their please play the Hunger Game whistle at level 150 in Clint's room only.". Sam held victoriously his t-shirt in his hand, a big grin on his face. Hi Peter. Peter's memories flooded his mind, how the mecanical legs grabbed him and smashed him into the ground over and over again untill he felt no more, how the building collapsed on him, trapping him under the cold, heavy cement, the feeling of not being able to breath right, the wounds, the pressure, the darkness, the panic, the fear. If you want to contact me, I'm at Tumblr at both teardropsonrooftops and qquoththeravenn. He has never trained with any of the other Avengers and all I and anyone else has to go on, are whats in his files and a bunch of shaky Youtube videos filmed by civilians as far as his fighting capabilities are concerned. I can't lose you. No response, the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Peters eyes narrowed as he crouched over Neds prone, groaning form. Is that the only reason you want me to come with on Avenger missions? "I'll ask you again. Not even now he would say a thing. But he couldn't. Steve smirked, Its alright, he said, leaving a spluttering Stark behind him as he followed Bucky inside. Friday informs Peter. It took everything in him not to break down, not to sob into his pillow in the darkness of his room. Im done pretending Im weaker than you to save your pride.. I used to wish the same thing with my father, and I know how bad it felt when he wasnt there for me. "Peter what the hell are you wearing?" Normally, Peter would be against revenge. And while Tony would like nothing more than to continue arguing, he could admit to maybe, kinda, sort of seeing the point his friend was making. Tony and Pepper have a son named Peter Parker Stark. This doesn't follow the plot of homecoming but as I stated it will have those characters. Steve hadnt seen the Avengers compound before. And started splashing water towards Peter, only that it hit Steve and Natasha. I think it was Flash and his buddies. On patrol, he stayed up until he was struggling to stand. Natasha never asked when she could state instead. Peter let them hurt him, as long as they didnt touch Ned. Three large scars stood out the most of them. Nat too, at first she didnt do anything, because she was curious, but seeing Pete's reaction set her off. Fine. And then there are the instances I have read, (again, way too many instances in my opinion) where the others tell Peter to not depend on his spider-sense so much in a fight.Again, I understand where this kind of thinking is coming from, but how exactly is this supposed to work?Its not like he can turn it off.If in a fight, or sparring match, Peter is not supposed to depend on his spidey-sense, which is omni-present, and his spidey-sense is telling him to dodge, but he is not supposed to depend on it, that only leaves the option of ignoring it. I wanted to keep the universe I have created for the characters to live in, but didn't want to add fics that don't have a cliche busting theme into the series, as that felt like false advertisement to me. Ned nudged him with his elbow, I have a bad feeling about this.. Both of them stayed there for a few minutes, just enjoying all the peaceful moments they got. I don't care if that guy points his gun at the fucking pope, as long as you stay the hell away from him! I mean, he didn't so much use his words more like his fists and teeth and he kicked him a lot Actually it might have been more of a fight than talking. Clint says as more of a statement rather than a question. Youre able to lift furniture thats too heavy for me without breaking a sweat. Last month, this little idiot decided to take down two of the major drug rings in New York. It is 9:00 o'clock. This fic is the last one in the 'Cliche busting' series, but the first one in the 'Bamf Peter' series. 110 Suddenly the doors wisshh up open, but neither person looks. She gave Peter a serious look and took Ned by the shoulders. You should have hit, with that baseball. How was he going to pull himself out of this one. He stood still, letting Flash gain the lead. What had MJ meant? Flash stomped. But what could he do? They should have gone in with you! It didnt work out. Bucky waited by the door, Steve still sitting on the couch with his hand on Anatoly, all three of them still and silent. We have had a lot of missions as the Avengers, that took us out of state for weeks at a time. "Ok thanks Mr. Stark" peter said as he laid his head on the car window and closed his eyes. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. He let Neds familiar rambling wash over him as they moved towards their first class. Nobody dared to intervine now, they felt as they didnt have the right to even listen to this. Clint eyes fly open and when he sees Peter's masked face he screeches at the top of his lungs, practically louder than FRIDAY. Pete? Steves voice called from outside his door, Are you ready for breakfast? Hey, you okay, Underoos?, He cleared his throat and met his eyes. Making him feel worse. (Featuring Peter's abandonment issues and Tony Stark's daddy issues). Anyways, Peters school is going on a field trip to the Avengers compound, ever since it was announced, Peters been getting bullied more. Hey Tony, hi Steve. Steve lifted his hands away from the scars and gently guided Buckys face to meet his eyes. The police could have gotten hurt!. Dont get him wrong, Peter loved Mr. Stark-- in a mentor-mentee way, of course, dont listen to what Ned and May said about Mr. Starks fatherly inclinations towards him-- but sometimes the man was too much. Tony strides in. "FRIDAY take me to the lobby please." He knew that if he told him, Tony would throw the fault on himself, he wouldn't bear to see that.He realised how selfish he sounded, he wasn't doing it for Mr.Stark, but for him. In the gym, he trained until he couldnt anymore. If that's okay with you, of course. Flash glared from above and dropped down. His peace was shattered once he heard Sam scream "TAKE HIS SHIRT OFF!" He then grabs his back pack and runs out of the room to the kitchen grabbing one of Thor's pop-tart and running our of the door. Who did it!?!?!" Remember what Mr. Stark said? Tony got called away for a mission. I'm going to kill him!" The Avengers (Marvel Movies) Captain America (Movies) Spider-Man (Tom Holland Movies) Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers Peter Parker & Tony Stark James "Bucky" Barnes & Peter Parker & Steve Rogers Steve Rogers & Avengers Team Characters: Steve Rogers James "Bucky" Barnes Tony Stark Peter Parker Natasha Romanov (Marvel) A word before so you can save yourself the pain, Spider-Man can ( but Peter Parker can't and that's okay), You Looked At Me Like I Was Someone Else (Can't You See? So he needs to ignore/supress the urge to dodge, while being expected to dodge by his sparring partner/trainer. Shirts. thank you for understanding) But now they've been exposed. Refused to say anything until the fight was over, then tried to just go home like nothing is wrong. I'm sorry, dad. Heuxelchen, MustardOreo, AcetheticGrace, Snek_of_Fandoms, ChiakoFunami, Lonely_stars, Tetitastic, Storyofthem, Kanyarat05, I_cause_problems_on_purpose, gingerbread_maam, auntienessi, Chainypaketik, Jendla, Carmichaellover4ever, t00thygr1n, 0Aratay0, squirpsdolphin, Rose_blavk, oceaangold, Unicornsparkle29, mila_nolimitshipper101, Lelbet, xnctaex, Ehh_ma, FluffyFandom, Villaindeku77, IDontKnowWhatImDoing_here, Porridge209, Solaria_Sollow, nocturnal_pigeon, palparmar, Rkssk, Limukha, YoGabaGaba, CBirdy21, Just_Kath, demiguise_17, KageSendo, Dafne_Reyes, Sh1nuki, Lavendead, lazygirl16705, Chada, Ijustlovefoodyk, x0lMina, PryorWrites, Kcat92, Cassiel_7, YourFavoriteFruitLoop, and 2870 more users Yeah, sorry dude, but you know how Mr. Stark is. While the super soldier looked appropriately horrified, the spider enhanced teen in question just scoffed. left kudos on this work! With fire in his eyes, Flash marched towards the ladders and stepped in front of the line, glaring the protesting students into submission. Stop!" Skins, instead of wearing a gross jersey you will be just taking off you shirt (this is also due to budget cuts) (A/N I think that might be illegal but for the purpose of the story it is not. The cursed name that he couldn't stand to even think it. (Not even to mention the great honor and ginormous ego-boost I would feel knowing that something I wrote somehow inspired someone else.). Know that thing in fanfics when Peter joins the Avengers and they train him and all the people who are actually way weaker than Peter wipe the floor with him?Because they have so much more EXPERIENCE?Because apparently being able to bench over 10 tons and dodge bulletfire and walk away from having a building dropped on you and fighting multiple other baddies almost every day just PALES in the face of the superior EXPERIENCE!Yeah, this is not one of those fics. smac entertainment careers, uft si beagle learning center,

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